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These super-strength edibles are guaranteed to be heavy hitters, even for those with the highest tolerances. Each one is lab tested and dosed at 250mg Delta-8 THC Super Brownies, including a naturally occurring amount of Delta-9 THC. These are not recommended for low tolerances or those new to Delta-8 or THC in general. Try some of our delicious flavors and experience real potency; buckle up and enjoy responsibly! Our federally-legal Delta-9 THC edibles are something to sink your teeth into! Hand-made and perfectly infused with the love and expertise you have come to expect from our bakery team. Each cereal treat is carefully blended with quality ingredients, and THCA live resin concentrate to give you perfect potency in every bite. We 200mg Fruity Treats for truly experienced cannanauts needing a potent punch!


Lemon Cake